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The Ice Continues To Melt From Our Favourite Icy Royalty

Tampaknya, seperti hari-hari berlalu dan dengan berjalannya waktu, favorit kami "Ice Princess" secara perlahan, tapi pasti menanggalkan sikap dingin nya;.) Putri favorit kami baru saja membuat cerita sampul edisi 2011 Desember majalah "Lihat 1" , artikel yang berjudul "Break The Ice". Menjadi salah satu dari 9 anggota Girls 'Generation memiliki kelemahan juga, meskipun popularitas di seluruh dunia. Ini berasal dari fakta bahwa identitas individu dan sifat sejati digolongkan dalam jiwa kolektif kelompok dan dengan demikian tidak diizinkan untuk secara bebas diekspresikan.
Setelah mengatakan bahwa, ini adalah salah satu alasan mengapa Jessica berharap untuk wawancara majalah individu, di mana kesempatan untuk bebas mengekspresikan karakternya yang asli, harapan dan impian selalu hadir:). Muncul untuk wawancara di sebuah, oh, ansambel sehingga nyaman blue jeans kasual dan T-shirt, Jessica lambang keceriaan saat ia bertemu dengan penulis artikel majalah untuk wawancara.
Merasa penuh santai, wawancara Jessica tertutup segudang topik yang berbeda, mulai dari dia julukan "Putri Ice", dengan pikiran-nya di SNSD baru tunggal "The Boys", aspirasi masa depannya ketika kelompok dari 9 wanita lakukan akhirnya memutuskan untuk menyebutnya sehari (dan membubarkan), untuk orang yang dia mengaku dalam setiap kali ia menghadapi kesulitan atau masalah sementara menjadi anggota (saat ini) paling populer di dunia K-Pop kelompok gadis (dalam kasus Anda bertanya-tanya, itu adik perempuannya, Krystal, seorang anggota lain saat ini K-Pop kelompok sama-sama populer gadis f (x);)).
Topik ketika ia ingin menetap dan memulai keluarga sendiri bahkan dibesarkan, jelas menunjukkan bagaimana santai Jessica selama sesi wawancara keseluruhan.
Semua dalam semua, itu adalah kesempatan langka untuk melihat sisi berbeda dari Jessica Jung, salah satu yang dia sejauh ini telah disembunyikan dari masyarakat umum untuk waktu yang sangat lama, bukan karena kesalahan sendiri, sebagai situasi publik saat ini dirinya status tidak mengizinkannya.
Setelah membaca wawancara, diposting diterjemahkan, saya sendiri telah datang untuk mendapatkan rasa hormat yang baru ditemukan untuk satu kita semua riang sebut sebagai "Ice Princess", sebagai pribadi dan individu:).
Akhirnya, apa majalah mode wawancara tanpa beberapa gambar busana mengagumkan, bukan? Untuk tujuan ini, Jessica berhasil mengantarkan barang "di sekop", memamerkan fashion sense yang indah dalam foto yang menyertai artikel.
Jadi, ambil kursi, minuman (atau dingin) panas dan membaca untuk wawasan mimpi dan aspirasi dari salah satu anggota kita tercinta Soshi. Nikmatilah!

"Girls’ Generation’s Jessica was featured in the cover story ‘Break the ice’ in the December 2011 issue of the ’1st Look’ magazine. As a member in a team of nine, the girls are sharing one ninth of the role, unlike solo activities. It is also difficult for fans to hear detailed information about each of the members. This is exactly why Jessica, who stepped into the studio alone, dressed in casual blue jeans and T-shirt, looked delighted. This is one of the rare times fans and readers can have the full view of the charms that belong to her and only her, which may have been embedded and undiscovered in the group. She said, “I tend to not to speak a lot during interviews so instead, fans can happily take a closer look when there is individual interview.”

  According to the information we are familiar with, she is usually known as the ‘Ice Princess’ – a nickname given based on her expressionless face and indifferent tone. Rumors and misunderstandings harassed her during the debut ages – impolite, bad character, being ostracized. Yet right now, isn’t she just a wounded girl, who transformed herself into a flowery girl with new characters, smiling brightly in the idol world?

    “It wasn’t in my nature to express my emotions well. My expressions were similar whether I like it or not, but I was never angry or unhappy. But as I promoted together with Girls’ Generation, I gradually learnt to express myself more.”

    Yet being the ‘Ice Princess’ still remains as a fact, for she is clear about her likes and dislikes, and at the same time, not easily swayed by emotions. “In fact I’m not unhappy about the nickname ‘Ice Princess’. Although it sounds arrogant and cold from a negative point of view, I think that a woman has to appear to be difficult to approach (laughs).”

    Recently, Girls’ Generation was back to promotional activities with the album ‘The Boys’. The release of the album worldwide, not only in Korea but also in the whole of Asia and America, is a symbol of the full-scale bloom in Girls’ Generation’s career on the world stage.

    “When the album was first released, we went to the US. A few days ago, we went to China. I came to this studio once I reached Korea. As our Asia tour is still on-going, we have been preparing for the tour and promoting the album at the same time.”

    The famous song that Girls’ Generation is promoting is none other than ‘The Boys’ – a song composed by famous American composer Teddy Riley. Although titled as ‘The Boys’, this song expresses the power of Girls’ Generation in beating and conquering the world and this makes a complete transformation of Girls’ Generation from the lovely and bright girls to powerful young women.

    “In fact, we were never afraid of the changes, and instead we are enjoying it. When we first heard the song, we were also shocked. However, we think that as Girls’ Generation gets more mature year by year, songs like this also suit us well. The thought itself of willing to win the race with a different image is already an accomplishment, isn’t it?”

    It seems like only yesterday when the girls embarked on their journey boldly, dressed in cute uniforms. Girls’ Generation has gradually grown up into professionals with a large variety of images. Growing up together with Girls’ Generation, Jessica is turning 24 next year. It appears as an age with endless potential, perhaps an age when the world is worthy to be known.

    “If I were not a member of Girls’ Generation, I would be studying as the average person. Recently, I admired friends who are studying as ordinary people. However, they also admire me for having a job and having some accomplishments while they are on their job search after graduation.”

    Of course, as Girls’ Generation, or as Jessica, what she is accomplishing are not things ordinary people can think of. “To be frank, instead of planning big dreams for the future, I’m the type who is devoted to my current life. I aim at little goals in the coming days and accomplish them one by one. When Girls’ Generation first debuted, we also wanted to do well on the stage, hoping to achieve first position in music programmes, hoping to receive popular artist awards, hoping to receive daesang afterwards, and then advancing into overseas. It seems that we have come this far accomplishing them one by one, step by step.”

    When asked where the end of ambition is, or where the limit of height one can rise to, they will answer in the point of view of a group. While for an individual named Jessica, shouldn’t we hear of her personal goals?

    “Because I have a keen interest in fashion, I hope to work in the fashion business industry after studying more. Work like fashion photo shoot is also interesting. Seems that wearing clothes of various styles really helps in learning. Today, I also came with the hope to learn more. At the same time, it’s enjoyable that I can discover and express the various kinds of images inside me. I want to find enjoyments while experiencing new things in areas different from my daily work.”

    As a public figure at such a young age, Jessica is also maintaining a perfect balance between work and her personal life. Jessica has a friend, whom she shares her personal and career stories with and gives advices to. This friend is none other than her sister Krystal, who is an active member of f(x).

    “When I was young, I found younger sisters annoying (laughs). She was a dongsaeng (younger sister) who imitated my way of dressing and all my actions (laughs). Now, it seems that she is also learning a lot from what I am doing in my career. That’s why I have to behave cautiously, so that I can protect my dongsaeng and guide her. On the other hand, it is heartwarming as I can share experiences with her.”

    Yet, Jessica does not only feel responsible for her dongsaeng. “Recently, fans who gained energy from Girls’ Generation’s promotional activities increased and I’m feeling very grateful for that. After meeting such fans and feeling the reality in person, I think that I must bear the responsibility by working harder.”

    To Jessica, lying and rolling on bed on a holiday is the happiest thing. Her future plan is “a happy family”. Hoping to build a family at 25, it is definitely a matured dream for Jessica. However, since this is just an extreme personal plan, future with Girls’ Generation will still continue. “If Girls’ Generation is still together, can’t members find their own directions? In this way, members can release albums which they hoped for, while taking up new challenges in other areas like acting, variety shows and musical. I would also like to try acting if there is a chance.”

    As Girls’ Generation becomes matured ladies, Jessica, who was once the cold Ice Princess, also started showing her wittiness. As I asked in an annoying way if Girls’ Generation can still continue being ‘Sonyeos’ in their mid 20s, ‘Ice Princess’ Jessica showed her real color, “Omo, unnie! Even so, we still have sonyeo sentiments in our hearts.” Suddenly, I was awakened as if a cold wind blew. How can a witty girl like her make me so relieved?

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